Enhancement Detailing

This treatment is designed for vehicles that don’t require full paint correction. A single stage machine polish is undertaken to enhance gloss & shine to the paintwork without massive costs.


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■ Foam cannon pre-soak & rinse
■ Two bucket multi mitt wash (scratch free wash)
■ Dry (forced air & plush microfibre towels)
■ Decontamination of all painted & glass surfaces (chemical & clay bar)
■ Degrease & dress wheel arches
■ Degrease door checks & inner sills plus seal (polymer spray sealant)
■ Removal of road tar
■ Clean face of wheels plus wheel barrels
■ Degrease & dress tyres (no sling water based formula)
■ Clean windows (including polymer hydrophobic spray sealant)
■ Plastic and rubber trim cleaned & protected (up to 1 year protection)
■ All paintwork coated with Gyeon Q₂ Cancoat (2 layers / 6 months protection)

Optional upgrades

■ All paintwork coated with Gyeon Q₂ Syncro or Kamikaze Collection Miyabi & ISM Coat add £360.00 (2 years protection)

■ Wheels removed, fully decontaminated and coated with Gyeon Q₂ Rim (2 layers) then fully cured with our infra-red lamps add £150 (calipers done free of charge)

■ Glass fully decontaminated and coated with Gyeon Q₂ View (3 coats on windscreen/2 on sides & rear) add £80

■ Interior details from £50


Small cars - Starting from £300.00 + VAT

Medium cars - Starting from £360.00 + VAT

SUV’s - Starting from £420.00 + VAT